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  • Solving complex challenges IBENOX use creativity, passion, leading technologies and innovative designs to create solutions and opportunity from complex business challenges.


IBENOX - leaders in turning complex business challenges into opportunity. We're creative, passionate, forward thinking, easy to work with and value our relationships with our customers...

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  • Operational Intelligence Solutions that empower your business, providing real-time situational awareness, dynamic adjustment of inflight work and automated balancing across available resources.
  • v-COE An easy to integrate option for organisations looking to accelerate the adoption of BPM, promoting knowledge transfer and the development of core competencies.
  • Process, Rules and Events Expertise across the technical, governance and managements required to successfully deliver Business Process Management within an organisaton.

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Australia: +61 (0)2 8012 8205
UK:         +44 (0)207 1933677
US:          +1 408 400 3670

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We create business outcomes.

IBENOX is in the business of solving complex organisational problems and challenges. We use a range of management approaches and technologies to deliver the best solutions for our client's needs.

We don't implement technology, we create business outcomes.

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BlogLocation Intelligence

Intelligence Integration

As part of our new blog area we're going to be releasing a series of regular video covering areas across Operational Intelligence, Business Process, Rules and CEP. The first in the series covers integrating Location Intelligence into process, and is presented with our part Esri Australia, a leader in Geospacial Information Systems

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Virtual Centre of Excellence

Nobody wants to out-source their business process management, its too important. That's why IBENOX v-COE connects directly into your Business. It provides an easy to integrate option for organisations looking to accelerate the adoption of BPM.
Consulting Consulting

Supporting Business Change and Process Improvement

IBENOX provides a range of consulting services and resource solutions to assist organisations with business change and process improvement.

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